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Sangye Lingpa

Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396) (sangs rgyas gling pa) a brief biography





Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396). A reincarnation of the second son of King Trisong Deutsen; a major terton and revealer of the Lama Gongdu cycle in 13 volumes. Sangye Lingpa means 'Sanctuary of Awakening.'

Sangye Lingpa took birth in Kongpo, the southeastern province of Tibet in the year of the Male Iron Dragon, the same year the 4th Karmapa, Rolpey Dorje, was born. Sangye Lingpa is considered an incarnation of Yeshe Rolpa Tsal, the second son of King Trisong Deutsen. In 1364 he revealed the Lama Gongdue cycle of teachings, his most important terma. Sangye Lingpa is also counted among the Five Terton Kings.

For more details, see the H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche's The Nyingma Lineage, its History and Fundamentals, Wisdom Publications.


Some of Sangye Lingpa's revelations are included in: Dakini Teachings & Advice from the Lotus-Born


bla ma dgongs 'dus - Lama Gongdü. Cycle revealed by tertön Sangye Lingpa (1340-96) in 18 volumes of approximately 700 pages each. Lama Gongdü means 'embodiment of the master's realization.'



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